Saturday, December 7, 2019
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5 Good Reasons Why You Need Customs Brokers In Canada!

If you deal in imports in Canada, you are probably aware of rules, regulations and tariffs related to Customs. Regardless of what you are importing, you will need to adhere to these norms, and that can be confusing to say the least. That’s exactly where a Customs broker fits in. Services like Clearit customs brokers offer a bunch of advantages for clients, and in this post, we are discussing the seven good reasons why you need to get such services for your business.

  1. Because they know everything about GST. Did you know that Goods and Services Tax (GST) is not applicable to every import? For most businesses and individual importers, the process of importing is a confusing one, and a Customs broker can help you in knowing the right tax that’s payable.
  2. Because you want to avoid tax implications. Let’s not forget that tax implications of imports can be huge. Customs brokers will help you recover GST paid on imports without any delays and they will ensure that the costs are kept at minimum, while being compliant at the same time.
  3. Because you need consultation. If you are a non-resident of Canada and want to import goods, you may need to know more on how to get things done. It might be necessary to have a permanent address. With all aspects related to imports, a Customs broker is your first source of explained information.
  4. Because you can avoid tax liabilities. At times, the tariffs and charges are too confusing. If you are importing a car for instance, you will have to pay Excise tax, GST and probably a green levy tax, as well, but that depends on the model and things like fuel consumption. A Customs broker helps in understanding all of that.
  5. Because you want to stay compliant and focus on your business. It is more than important to be compliant to the required obligations, because otherwise, your business can be subjected to penalties under AMPS. Customs brokers help you stay compliant at all times, and you can focus on that one aspect that needs attention – your business.

Customs brokers are more important than ever, and they work as extended arms for their clients. Even if you don’t deal in regular imports, you will still need assistance from time to time. Hire a service that’s experienced and has been in business for a while. Check online now to find best-rated Customs brokers.