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Few tips on how to get an internship in Australia

Internships are the best way to improve practical skills and work experience. It will help the students to gain self-confidence. The best place to go for internships as an international student would be Australia. They have world-class infrastructure and all the companies present are well known all over the world. If the students come to Australia as an intern, then he will definitely gain some knowledge and experience. The types of internships that the country offer is not limited to only a few departments. Be it management, law, engineering, medical or any other disciple, they will offer the best internships programme. Here are the top 5 things to do in order to secure an internship in Australia according to Australian PGP:-

  1. Build a great CV resume

A resume is the first thing that the company will ask for. They would like to know what the student is studying, does he have any past work experience and whether the student has the right skills to work in the company. So the student needs to make sure that he builds a great resume which would impress the company. Once the company approves the resume, they would send a message to the student that they would like to proceed further.

  1. Choose the type of internship

This is the most crucial thing to get an internship. If the student doesn’t know what he is applying for, then he will have one of the worst experience in working as an intern. This is why the student must do some research about the company that he is interested to join and the type of internship they are offering. In addition, the students may also check whether the internship is paid or unpaid. In Australia, it is highly unlikely to get an unpaid internship as almost all the companies offer a paid internship.

  1. Be aware of the application deadlines

The student must know about the internship he is applying for in detail. He must have all the information about the internship programme. The students need to apply for the internship before the end of the semester. Then only they can apply in time for the internship as most of the internships are based in summer.

  1. Apply for more than one internship

It would be better if the students apply for more than one internship. Then even if he gets rejected in one, he may still have hope for another one. Another good reason to apply for multiple internships is timing. If the student was unable to contact the company in time for an internship, then he may still have a chance in another company.

  1. Get ready for an interview

If everything goes right and the company selects the student, then they will ask the student to give an interview based on which only he will get selected. So the student must prepare himself for an interview. The best way would be to search in GOOGLE for the type of question asked in an interview. The key factor in an interview is confidence. If the student is confident, then whatever the question asked, he will answer it confidently.