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How is the price of the scrap catalytic converter determined?

The catalytic converter is sold in good prices because they world by creating a redox reaction. The automobiles use these convertors and so the hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide exhaust into harmless carbon dioxide and water. The reaction is possible due to the use of platinum in converters.

What are the expected prices?

  • The scrap catalytic converter prices completely depend upon how long one is willing to sell the scrap. This can be explained as if you take the vehicle to a scrap yard, and then the price will of course depend upon the amount you get on the entire car. You also can consider the extracting process but you have to conduct it yourself. So the best way is to find a buyer of the scrap devices who will be ready to give you a good deal.
  • If you want to get the best price, then you need to turn in the full unit. If any of the parts are missing, then it will cost at least 25- 75% less rate that is running in the market. The scrap catalytic converter prices that are hollow cost similar to the scrap steel rates. Hence the price will completely depend upon the platinum and rhodium trading prices especially that are available on that day.

This is because these precious metals are considered to be precious and so trading on them is volatile. If you have about 100 catalytic converters that contain that same amount of material, then it becomes hard to know which metal is there inside. It then becomes difficult to decide the price. The cost of the catalytic converter basically depends upon the material that is present inside. Since platinum is considered as the best metal, it will be of a higher price. The palladium that is used seems to be more expensive as compared to platinum. So it is up to the buyer to decide the price before selling the scrap material.