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Semeru National Park

The Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park covers a large area of 800 square kilometers at the middle of East Java. For anybody with interest in volcanoes, a visit to the park is essential. This is the biggest volcanic region in the state. Visit the playground and see the plumes of smoke coming from Mt Semeru, an active volcano that rises 3, 676 meters above sea level. Experience the impressive Tengger Caldera with its 10 km barren desert such as the sea of sand. Inside the caldera rises the deeply cracked volcanic cones of Batok and Bromo. The latter remains active with a crater from which smoke blows skyward.

Temperatures on top of Mt Bromo range about 5-18 degrees Celsius. To the southeast of the playground is a rolling upland plateau dissected by valleys and dotted with numerous small scenic lakes, stretching at the foot of Mt Semeru.

Get Around

Many visitors to the playground choose to walk while they’re here. There are definitely marked with tracks over the sandy sea which leads to the foot of Bromo. As an alternative, you can hire a jeep or rent a horse from Chemoro Lavang to get around.

Get There

Bromo Tengger Semeru can be reached by public and private vehicle from Surabaya or Malang in the East Java. The Sriwijaya Air flies twice daily to Malang from Jakarta. There are ways to get in the park. Visitors could come from Probolinggo, at the northwest arrive throughout the village of Ngadisari. Or take the northeast approach by Pasuruan along with the community of Tosari. The next, the more strenuous approach is through Ngadas, which is best traveled on the way down. The Probolinggo approach is the simplest and probably the most famous path, particularly when traveling by public bus. Wonokitri is the closest and the simplest way if you’re coming by private vehicle from Surabaya. To get closer to Mount Bromo, you have to rent 4×4 cars. Most tour groups from Surabaya stay overnight at Tretes, where there are a number hotels, as there are in Malang. As an alternative, you can contact a travel agency to organize your journey.


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