Tuesday, October 15, 2019
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The benefits of an internship

An internship is a great opportunity to practice and improve your skills with the support of industry professionals.

According to the public relations team at Adoni Media, you are interning to learn, and learning is an active process, so engage and ask plenty of questions.

Here are four benefits of an internship.

  1. Networking

As you partake in an internship, you should be presented with lots of opportunities to grow your professional network.

Maintaining these relationships and having a network of industry professionals can be incredibly beneficial to your employability.

Use LinkedIn to connect with everyone you come across during your internship so you can easily maintain the relationship once your internship finishes.

  1. Convert your academic knowledge into industry skills

While studying will give you the theoretical side of your career, there are certain skills that are learned or improved in the workplace.

An internship will allow you to build on your theoretical knowledge by practicing these skills within an industry environment.

Having practical experience is great for future employability and will help grow your confidence.

  1. Receive feedback

An internship is a fantastic way to constantly improve your work, which will enhance your performance during your internship and help you develop skills for future jobs.

While it can sometimes be intimidating to ask for feedback, remember your supervisors are there to help and want to see you improve.

Receiving feedback from industry professionals is invaluable so always take the time to read their feedback and ask questions if you have them.

  1. Experience within the industry

Internships are a bit like a ‘taste-test’ as they offer you the chance to experience a particular career without a long-term commitment.

Undertaking multiple internships throughout your studies can help narrow down the kind of workplace that’s the best fit for you.

An internship will also help you decide if you want a career in the industry by giving you an insight into day-to-day events and how the industry operates.